In romance, sixty is the NOT the new twenty

Not all of my work as a psychotherapist is trauma related. I wear many hats including . . . dating coach!

Here’s an example. A sixty-two year old client of mine is using an online dating service.  While he’s enjoying many dates and having a good time, he mentioned that he still hadn’t been struck by the “lightening bolt” that would indicate he’d found the ONE.

Now, I’m the last to say that lightning can’t strike at his age. But his idea of the lightning bolt was more aligned with a twenty-something, not a sixty-something. The fact is, what you may be looking for in later life is going to be different than when you were searching for the mother or father of your child or your soul mate. Perhaps profession, finances, looks, and hobbies don’t matter as much. Perhaps you are no longer looking for someone to share your every interest and passion, perhaps you don’t have to finish each others sentences. Perhaps that’s all just fine.