I Believe . . .

I believe in therapy.

I believe there is healing.

I believe in change and I believe life gets better.

I believe that the right therapist can help you navigate even the darkest times. No therapist can take erase your suffering. No therapist can bring back what you have lost. But having someone to sit with your grief and mourn with you will allow you to create a life that you want.

I believe successful therapy is about both grief and connection. It is a two person relationship. You have to know the person who is with you on your journey. You have to know that the he or she is genuine. And you have to know that you matter.

I believe that if you don’t feel your therapist sees you, if you don’t feel the therapist likes you, you’ll be replaying history—you’ll be trying to rewrite history and get something you weren’t able to get at an earlier point in your life. And you won’t get it now. It will just be another injury. So you must be believed, and you should never have to prove anything to your therapist. The therapist is on your your team. This is something you may never have had. But it’s something you can have now.

I believe the real healing is in the relationship between therapist and client, not in diagnosis, not in education, but in connection.