Some Things to Know About Sexual Abuse

  1. No child asks for sex.  Children want to be children — playing with toys or playing baseball or with their friends.  If you give them a choice between kid’s activities and sex they will choose anything but sex.  But no abuser gives them a choice.
  2. Children are not sexually precocious.  They don’t create a sexual situation with an adult.  No child is responsible for anything sexual with an adult.  EVER.  If they have sexual knowledge that is “precocious” it is because someone has sexualized them or exposed them to things inappropriate for children.
  3. Regardless of with whom, how often, how much, or which sexual activities, a child’s world has been devastated, violated, and damaged.  They now know that the world is a dangerous  place.  And they will never be the same.
  4. Teenagers do not want sex with adults.  Teenagers want to figure sex out for themselves; they want to come into their sexuality on their own time and with people of their own choosing. 
  5. Sexual abuse changes normal development.  Kids who have been sexually abused know things in a way their peers do not.  They have first hand knowledge of things kids talk about.
  6. It doesn’t matter if there was penetration or not.  It doesn’t matter if there is touching or not.  Kids know when they have been violated.   It is all wrong and damaging. And it impacts everything. 

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